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Your Domain Name Is Your Brand

Your domain name is your business address to the world. If you do not have a Brandable, Memorable, Easy to Spell domain name, you will find competing harder and harder. You need every advantage you can get.

The Best Domain Name for Your Business is the Definitive Name for Your Business

When Talking to Their Friends, People Will Say

If You Want ... Go To

That Could Mean You

Do You Want Customers to Find You on Their Own?

The best advertising on the Internet is your Domain Name.

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For more than a decade I went to www.discovercard.com for my credit card account. At first I went to www.discover.com, but that took me to the Discovery Channel. I had to look up what domain name Discover card was using. Then one day a few years ago, Discover card was using www.discover.com. They had bought the domain name from the Discovery Channel. I do not know how much they paid, but I am sure they paid a lot. They had finally learned their lesson about the power of the right domain name.

My customer Atlas Home Medical Facility (not their real name), had the domain name www.AtlasHomeMedicalFacility.com. They referred to themselves by their abbreviation AHMF. They wanted to buy the domain name ahmf.com. They contacted the domain owner. The price was $5,000. They offered less, but the owner would not budge. They kept upping their offer until they got to $4,500. They asked me to get the name for them. After communicating with the owner, I told them to pay the $5,000, the price would never be less. They failed to purchase the name.

Sometime later they asked me to try to get the name for them again. They were now willing to pay $5,000. The owner had upped the price to $6,500. I told them to pay the $6,500, that the owner would never drop the price since he knew they had no other option. They balked.

Sometime later again they asked me to try to get the name. Now the name was $9,500. I told them if they wanted the name they should buy now, because the price was never going down. They repeated their process. The price went to $16,000. As I write this, the price today is $30,500. They are a big medical operation. They should buy the domain name for $30,500. They would not be sorry. They would be delighted to own the name.

When you are trying to buy something of which there is a limited quantity, you have to pay full price.

In 2020 some of the larger domain sales reported by dnjournal.com were:

  • $396,000 BoatsForSale.com
  • $276,000 Kick.com
  • $264,000 Results.com
  • $225,000 Picture.com
  • $200,000 Believe.com
  • $169,000 Ready.org
  • $80,000 Arc.net

There were many other sales above, interspersed and below. This is only a sampling.

If $100,000 or whatever is too much money for you, do not spend that on a domain name. But if $100,000 or whatever is a part of your marketing budget, and then

If $100,000 or whatever Seems Too Much for Your Ideal Domain Name You Do Not Understand Domain Names

I rent a billboard to a lawyer for $500 a month, $6,000 a year. He rents 20 billboards in our area for about $120,000 a year. One client extra a year pays for all his billboard advertising.

The Cost for Your Ideal Domain Name is for a Lifetime, Not a Year

Your $100,000 or whatever domain name is the cost of paying for only one billboard, not 20 billboards.

One Extra Customer in the Next Ten Years Pays for Your Domain Name, and

Your Ideal Domain Name Will Get You More Customers Every Week

You Are Not Going to be Sorry You Bought the Best Domain Name

Before his election, Donald Trump said his brand was worth four billion dollars. People laughed. Despite the efforts of both the Democrats and Republican parties, Trump got himself elected President of the United States. In his presidency, Trump influenced the course of an untold amount of wealth. Trump was wrong. Trump's brand was worth far more than Trump had claimed, perhaps trillions of dollars. Guess who owns Trump.com and DonaldTrump.com? Learn a lesson from a master at marketing.

How Do You Want Your Customers To See You

As just some other one out there? Or

Do You Want to Be Seen as the Leader of Your Field?

What kind of person or business do you want to be?

A DiscoverCard.com business? Or

A Discover.com Business?

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