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Kosher Care Package Survival Kit (with Menorah Gift Set for Hanukkah)

Kosher Care Package Survival Kit (with Menorah Gift Set for Hanukkah)

Kosher Care Package Survival Kit (with Menorah Gift Set for Hanukkah)To Purchase Or Get More Information

Price List: $29.95

Price Lowest New: $29.95

Asin: B0182V9LB2

Binding: Misc.

Label: Campus Survival Kits

Manufacturer: Campus Survival Kits

Publisher: Campus Survival Kits

Studio: Campus Survival Kits

Editorial Review: Help your favorite student decorate their home away from home with this care package that includes a tin menorah, set of 44 candles, small wooden dreidel, chocolate gelt, and more than 18 Kosher certified sweet and salty snacks. Hanukkah begins December 6 so order your Kosher care package today. Packaged in a sturdy white box with blue tissue and a Hanukkah blend of paper shred. Includes a Campus Survival Kit note card with a handwritten note to the recipient (please choose the "this is a gift" option to include your note). Ships within 24 hours via 1-3 day Priority Mail.

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