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Instant Immersion Level 1 - Serbian [Download]

Instant Immersion Level 1 - Serbian [Download]

Instant Immersion Level 1 - Serbian [Download]To Purchase Or Get More Information

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Label: Topics Entertainment

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Editorial Review:

Instant Immersion is fun and easy to use! It is the perfect way to learn a new language for travel, business or school. Instant Immersion Level 1 uses natural image association techniques to help you learn as easily as you learned your first language. Learn basic vocabulary and everyday phrases in no time! Instant Immersion Level 1 teaches you the essential words and phrases you will need in order to get around with ease. Topics include first words, food, colors, phrases, body parts, numbers, time, shopping, countries and more. Practice your new language with virtual flashcards, play games and use the advanced record-and-playback feature to practice pronunciation. Even print out a picture dictionary for learning on the go!

- Serbian is the official language of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
- Serbian is spoken by about 10 million people.
- Learn Serbian so you will feel more at ease during a trip to Serbia.

Visiting Serbia
Serbian is spoken by about 10 million people worldwide and is the official language of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo. Serbia (Srbija) is yet to come within most tourists' comfort zone, but since the removal Slobodan Milošević and becoming a democracy, the nation is now knocking on the doors of Europe, and in the meantime is a safe and welcoming place to visit. Belgrade, Serbia’s capital is by far the most exciting spot and should be visited by anyone traveling there. Cultural buffs can revel in its architecture and museums, foodies in its restaurants, while party animals will get no rest exploring its incessant nightlife.

Serbian-speaking Countries
Outside of Serbia, Serbian is also spoken in parts of Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro and Slovakia.

System requirements
Microsoft Windows Version XP, Vista, 7, 8:
260MB hard drive space, 960x600 min resolution, sound card, microphone (recommended).

Tablets & Smartphones:
iPad, iPhone and Android are NOT supported.

Licensed to an individual for installation/use on their compatible devices. School-Corporate-Institutional requires a license from www.InstantImmersion.com/contact-us

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