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Food Network: Cook or be Cooked - Nintendo Wii

Food Network: Cook or be Cooked - Nintendo Wii

Food Network: Cook or be Cooked - Nintendo WiiTo Purchase Or Get More Information

Price List: $19.99

Price Lowest New: $14.83

Price Lowest Used: $1.51

Asin: B0028A6VKI

Ean: 0722674800204

Binding: Video Game

Edition: Standard

Label: Namco

Manufacturer: Namco

Publisher: Namco

Studio: Namco

Editorial Review: Stir-up some action and cook like a pro in the first video game from Food Network! Cut, slice and dice your way through 30+ real recipes taught by the experts from Food Network . Learn as you play through fun and delicious recipe challenges that range from breakfast to family meals and even dinner parties. Cook in multi-player mode or on your own. Next Food Network Star Judge Susie Fogelson and Food Network Kitchens Chef Mory Thomas will you hone your cooking skills by offering tips, instruction and feedback on your final dishes. There’s never too many cooks in this kitchen!

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